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Ponds & In-Door and Out-Door Water Features


Mark and his team, with 35 years of personal experience, have built and designed koi ponds, water walls, waterfalls, and fountains locally & across the United States. Aqua Visions Pond crew can build and install any water gardens from small barrel to large in-door and out-door ponds. They also can maintain any water feature for algae control and fish maintenance. For customers with existing Ponds, every spring we make an appointment to come to your home or business to ‘open’ your Pond. We do a full cleaning, any necessary repairs, and fill the Pond. Every late fall, or upon the customer’s request, we come and ‘close’ the Pond. This includes draining the Pond, a light cleaning, and removing your pump. We will even store your fish in our facility over winter and bring them back to you in the spring. During season we can create a schedule and service that fits your needs and budget to clean and service the Pond. For customers with indoor Ponds, year round service is available.


For customers interested in having a pond built, we will meet with you and design around your budget. The pond team is ready to design & build your next water feature!



Baptismal Fonts


Working in conjunction with Daprato - Rigali and the Archdiocese of Chicago. Aqua Visions has installed many baptismal fonts and filtration systems for their churches.




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